[CentOS-devel] Zero day updates upstream

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Mar 16 01:03:04 UTC 2007

nethub at gmail.com wrote:
> One thing that has annoyed me in the past about RHEL/CentOS is that the 
> installer often uses an old kernel that won't support some piece of 
> hardware, when there is an update available that will support the hardware.

this isnt really related to the issue we were talking about here, try 
starting a new thread for new issues - it *really* goes a long way to 
maintain list sanity.

ok, now for your issue - the main thing here is that the initrd and the 
kernel module tree used during install time is semi-fixed based on rules 
and scripts included at the distro build time. So its non trivial 
changing that.

> Perhaps there is a way to develop a "install with kernel x.y.z" or "grab 
> latest kernel from repo" option in the bootloader or something for 
> people who are running into issues with the default kernel?  I know 
> that's probably asking for a lot, but just a thought.

the ability to change the kernel you are installing with, is no trivial 
- however the ability to install an arbitrary kernel is possible with 
the centos-5 installer. Have you tested the beta installer as yet ?

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