[CentOS-devel] Zero day updates upstream

John Newbigin jnewbigin at ict.swin.edu.au
Fri Mar 16 07:29:52 UTC 2007

I recommend including all available updates including the kernel.

Regarding the kernel and hardware requiring a driver disk. Either the 
driver will still be ABI compatible with any new kernel installed at 
'run time' - or - the driver is not compatible and a new driver is 
required regardless.

The only issue to investigate is any artificial restrictions on driver 
disks imposed by anaconda.

I have not used a driver disk since RHEL7.2 so I don't know what issues 
might lie there.


Karanbir Singh wrote:

> hi guys,
> Something to talk about while we prep C-5 for release...
> There were some packages that were updated along with release, I can 
> imagine this was since the tree must have been frozen a while before 
> actual release upstream. However, we dont have that problem - the tree 
> hasent been released.
> So, what does everyone thing ? Should we release the tree with the 
> updates rolled in ? or should we release the tree exactly as upstream 
> did, and also provide the updates to go alongside - but in the updates 
> repo ?
> One thing that I would be very hesitant to update would be the kernel, 
> since updating that would imply updating the installer kernel as well. 
> Which is going to cause lots of issues since its known that vendors and 
> support people will ask for specific kernels at specific times ( eg. 
> installed with x.y.z and 5.0.0 )
> - KB

John Newbigin
Computer Systems Officer
Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies
Swinburne University of Technology
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