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Leonardo Pinheiro leopinheiro at gmail.com
Fri Mar 16 11:42:07 UTC 2007

On 3/10/07, Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org> wrote:
> > Can you give us more details on what packages need JDK, and which JDK?
> > I'd like to understand what is going on, which packages are not ported
> > to Centosplus yet and why.
> There are bits of jboss and mod_jk stuff form rhwas4as that need the
> java stuff.
> > Do we have to build (compile) JDK?
> if you want to, but considering its unlikely we will get the sources for
> 1.5.x jdk, I'd say we might need the route of nosrc.rpm instead :)
> > Can't we use JPackage.org's and give users instructions on how to
> > install and enable their repository?
> Maybe thats possible ( I know at least the mysql-jdbc package has its
> origins in jpp ) , would you like to take this effort on ?
> Jim and HughesJr have been looking at the rhwas stuff, if you are
> interested in taking this up, maybe we can start a wiki page with details.
> - KB

 Talking about JPackage, besides the JDK, there are *lots* of other packages
there, some of them only in SRPM by now, some of them not usable yet
(1.7bis beta). For sure they have been making a good work, and of
course it is
desirable that JPackage 1.7b (or whatever version) goes stable so that we
have something that is very usable (enterprise/stable).

If RHWAS needs packages that are provided by JPackage (is this the case?),
and JPackage provides a great diversity of packages for the Java world,

I'd like to rise a discussion on this:

- how to provide a healthy/enterprise/[reasonably community supported] Java
environment on CentOS
- if packaging by ourselves is interesting
- if we could get more engaged on JPackage (or make our own JPackage
modified version)
- if it is interesting to make a QA team for the Java Ecosystem on CentOS,
because of its importance

What do you thing? What is your opinion?

Maybe Jim, HughesJr and Karanbir can also speak on this :-)

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