[CentOS-devel] Newbie Questions: Goal to make a customized minimal CentOS install CD

Wed May 2 21:06:24 UTC 2007
EXT-Rodgers, Marianne <Marianne.Rodgers at boeing.com>

I have some basic questions, easy to most of you, I am sure. I have
looked on the CentOS main site at the install manual, but am not finding
my answers. Am I at the right place?

I already know how to make install DVDs and CDs. I just need to know if
there is things for the CentOS director, comps.xml updates, things like
this for my customized  DVD. I want to delete packages on my install DVD
until I only have the rpms left that I want to use.

Current questions:

 1.  Just how are the hdr (header) files used, and how do you update
 2.  How do I update the comps.xml file, and is this necessary ?
 3.  Why isn't /var/log/rpmpkgs on my prototype, which rpm or command
makes it work?
 4.  Which files will update automatically when rpms are removed, and
can I safely just remove RPMs from the CerntOS/RPM directory?

I apologize in advance if this is not the right forum to ask these
questions. I would be happy if directed to a proper site to find my
answers. I have already googled, with little results.

Marianne Rodgers
PCS (Portable Computer System Group)
Operating System Analyst
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marianne.rodgers at boeing.com

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