[CentOS-devel] Third repos CentOS 5 compatibility

Thu May 3 22:09:52 UTC 2007
C.M. Connelly <cmc at math.hmc.edu>

"JEC" == Jordi Espasa Clofent <sistemes.llistes at intergrid.cat>

    JEC> Hi all, I've always used kb, dries and dag's repos in
    JEC> CentOS 4.x.

    JEC> Now I'm testing CentOS 5.x (congratulation for your great
    JEC> work!) and I wonder if the three popular repos called
    JEC> above are available/compatible for CentOS 5.

Note that another option is/will be the Fedora EPEL (``Extra
Packages for Enterprise Linux''), which is supported by the Red
Hat/Fedora infrastructure, and plans on rebuilding packages from
Fedora Extras for RHEL/CentOS 5.

There are still a bunch of issues being hashed out in terms of the
naming of the packages (whether or not they'll have a repotag);
whether they're going to be building one set of packages and
maintaining those versions until the particular enterprise Linux
version is retired or build packages from the latest set of Fedora
packages (as Extras is supposed to be being rolled into Fedora
proper); and, of course, exactly how EPEL will relate to the
other, existing, repos that have been supporting enterprise Linux

Their wiki starts at <http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL>, and
there's a reasonably active mailing list.  I'm hopeful that
they'll do things in a way that will relieve at least some of my
local package building responsibilities and will do so in a way
that allows me to also use other repos where I need to (to provide
support for things such as MP3s and DVDs that Red Hat/Fedora
won't/can't provide).  Thus far, however, I think it's too early
to tell.

I know that Dag and Karanbir both participate in the list (I'm
making no claims for their satisfaction with how things are going
so far).  Axel Thimm, who's a Fedora developer who also runs a
third-party repo, is also very active with EPEL.


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