[CentOS-devel] CentOS 5 build scripts

Fri May 18 13:28:59 UTC 2007
Nikolay Ulyanitsky <lystor at lystor.org.ua>

Johnny Hughes wrote:

> We can no longer release the scripts in their entirety as we have a
> build system with logins / keys, etc. that are referenced in the
> scripts.
> Before you ask ... the buildsystem is based on mock and plague,
> available via KBS CentOS-Extras.
> I can see if I can sanitize parts of the script to make it work in a
> similar way to the c4 one and publish that, but with EL5 (and
> fc5/fc6/f7) building in mock and some kind of centralized buildsystem
> (plague / koji) ... reproducing these kind of scripts is going to get
> much harder.
> I'll try to do that after the centosplus kernels that I need to build
> for c4 and c5.

Thanks for full answer.

May be a good idea to create howto on CentOS Wiki of building discs
process to give users possibility of creating CentOS based distributions
for highly specialized purposes?