[CentOS-devel] auto-fixed-version-deps checking and rebuilding

Mon May 21 00:00:30 UTC 2007
Jeff Johnson <n3npq at mac.com>

On May 20, 2007, at 7:49 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> so before I go reinvent the wheel...
> does anyone want to recommend a process / toolset that can check  
> for fixed-version deps in a repository and rebuild the failing deps  
> against a new version of the deprecated package ?
> eg. when a new kernel is built, I want to get a list of all the  
> packages in the repo that depended on the older version of the  
> kernel, and who no longer work with the newer one. If there are  
> hooks in this tool to allow me to plumb in a auto-rebuild-into-a- 
> testing-repo process, that would be star!
> The most obvious way seems to be checking the entire repo for  
> closure and whatever fails, take some action - but that is not a  
> really good way to check which side is failing. And it also means  
> the new rpms need to be already in a binary format before I can run  
> the test, so thats not going to work.
> What I was thinking of doing was to import the repo metadata,  
> remove details for the package being superseded, get a before and  
> after picture, then queue in the now-failing packages behind the  
> new package being built.
> Things get even more interesting when there are a bunch of packages  
> being built. But we can think about that later :)

Doing closure checks repeatedly is the traditional way of finding  

There are issues with multiple Provides: that need to be considered.

Hint: creating and configuring and maintaining a rpmdb-centos package  
will permit easy
translation back to package srpm's. rpm-metadata often lacks complete  
file info.

ANd if you don't have reliable metadata in db's, well its a hard  
problem to figger
what else needs to be rebuilt if something changes.

Hmmm, openpkg has pretty good automation, you might ask what they do.

73 de Jeff