rpm verification tool (was: [CentOS-devel] About compile option for i386 of cachefilesd)

Wed Nov 7 12:19:39 UTC 2007
Jan Iven <jan.iven at cern.ch>

On 07/11/07 12:38, Johnny Hughes wrote:
> I have pulled the upstream binary and compared it to the CentOS binary
> ... here is the result
> Verifying cachefilesd-0.7-6.el5.i386.rpm ...
> cachefilesd-0.7-6.el5.i386.rpm OK-PERFECT ref:44133 +/-:0 %:0
> That means it is linked to all the same things AND, the OK-PERFECT means
> that even the Size reported for the RPM is identical.

Interesting tool - could you tell me more about this?