[CentOS-devel] Re: Presto / deltarpm

Sat Sep 1 17:23:58 UTC 2007
Jonathan Dieter <jdieter at gmail.com>

> hi,
> The idea of yum-presto and deltarpm support on mirror.centos.org is something 
> that seems to be worth visiting again. I am just wondering if there is anyone 
> who would like to grab the issue, do the testing, workout whats involved and 
> then try and come up with an implementation plan ? Would be good if you already 
> knew how yum and repomd type repositories worked.
> Anyone interested and have the time ?
> -- 
> Karanbir Singh : http://www.karan.org/ : 2522219 at icq

I apologize for starting a new thread, but I've just joined the list and
was therefore unable to reply to the original message.  I'm the Fedora
maintainer for both yum-presto and deltarpm, as well as being upstream
for yum-presto.

I would be very willing to package both yum-presto and deltarpm for
CentOS, and to offer some help with buildsys integration (which would be
the tricky part).

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