[CentOS-devel] possibility of an extra-hardware-support SIG

Thu Sep 6 12:06:35 UTC 2007
gjgowey at tmo.blackberry.net <gjgowey at tmo.blackberry.net>

It's basically aimed at letting individual developers start projects that they feel would benefit centos do so basically on their own terms and let those projects be run using sourceforge resources until they're sufficiently mature enough to be integrated into the mainsteam centos development path.  The provision of allowing core centos members joint full control over these independent projects is so that the incubation period can be as long as need be without risking the project becoming orphaned.

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I dont quite understand the context of this or how it might apply to us. We are
not looking to start off dozens of projects, and if we were - there are enough
resources going around to handle stuff of this nature inhouse.

gjgowey at tmo.blackberry.net wrote:
> Just a couple thoughts from the sidelines.

always welcome :)

> If there needs to be a forum for development of a particular item of interest then why not have the founder of the idea start a sourceforge project to get the ball rolling?  This way the idea can go from conception to being worked on using the ideas of its founder without tying up or waiting for resources reserved for more mainline projects.   To keep the ball rolling give the core members of centos full access privileges so that the project never risks becoming orphaned.  Starting a wiki on the centos main site to post and discuss these splinter projects might also be a good idea as it could serve as a master link list of sorts for these projects instead of relying on word of mouth or searching through mailing list archives.

there is a wiki at http://wiki.centos.org/ - so any project or work that we are
doing will get mention there and on the website. I dont understand how mailing
lits on sf.net would be different from mailing lists here. Btw, these are not
splinter projects - this is work we hope to do, to be directly usable on the
centos distro. I would consider it more of ValueAdd rather than a splinter. IMHO
keeping such things inhouse and under one roof also means lesser work for people
who are involved with multiple issues like this. Which is something we all are

> The advantage of the above system is that it would allow the splinter projects to do as they please without worrying about the affects on mainline resources during their alpha and beta stages (which would be a problem if the code of such projects were housed under the plus repository).  Once the project has matured sufficiently then it can be evaluated for inclusion in the plus repo.  It also has the advantage of allowing such splinter projects to be as active or as idle as they want without them being forgotten (courtesy of the wiki) or orphaned (courtesy of sharing full control with the core centos members).

We have both testing and staging / playpen / sandbox setups within the centos
infrastructure, and going by the logs - they get used quite a bit.

> With regards to your unsupported drivers problem, it might be worth making a small program that generates a web page to just display open issues (one row per issue).  This way people can see what's out there to be fixed (and maybe a splinter project can form to work on it).

ok, this one completely eludes me :)  a one line of what do you want displayed ?
If you mean just list drivers that need working on, why cant we use
bugs.centos.org ? it seems to be a perfectly usable issue tracker.

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