[CentOS-devel] Release farkage potential

Fri Sep 7 12:25:49 UTC 2007
Phil Schaffner <Philip.R.Schaffner at NASA.gov>

On Fri, 2007-09-07 at 00:36 +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> > Matt Domsch wrote a whole set of infrastructure tools for Fedora to
> > push out updates to mirrors. I think it is what causes the
> > fedora-enchilada to show up on various mirrors these days.
> > 
> > http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Mirroring
> > 
> we dont need anything of this nature, we have something in place that seems to 
> be working mostly. What I meant by mirror management is how the stuff looks when 
> its on the mirror
> pushing out each tree, as it is, for upto 3 sub-release deep is just plain 
> stupid.

Don't pull any punches now.  :-)

Seems it could get to more than 3 sub-releases, unless the upstream
policy is to limit it to the last 3.  Witness 3.9 and 4.5.

>  So if anyone has ideas on how we can do this in a sane manner, please do 
> speak up :)

Well, how about backing up to the basic assumptions before suggesting
solutions.  Just because the upstream with their much greater (paid)
resources seem to be going to a M.N release scheme, is CentOS
constrained to follow precisely in their footsteps?  What's wrong with
keeping the current scheme of following the latest release and
continuing to have M as a pointer to the latest M.N tree?  If someone
REALLY needs the minor release[es] with associated updates, they can go
to the upstream for support; however, I suspect that would be a
relatively rare case.  If the demand is there down the road, can always
re-evaluate the policy.

So, am I sane?