[CentOS-devel] How is updated the csgfs repo in centos4?

Sun Sep 9 13:23:52 UTC 2007
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Roger Peña wrote:
>> --- Akemi Yagi <amyagi at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> On 9/8/07, Roger Peña <orkcu at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>>> hi
>>>> I just came to wonderling how centos team update
>>> the
>>>> csgfs repo, what is the procedure to do that ?.
>>>> I use csgfs from centos and works great, thanks a
>>> lot
>>>> for provide it :-)
>>>> but how you know when uptream provide an update
>>> for
>>>> the packages?
>>>> I notice the last update because I read the rss
>>> alert
>>>> feed but not because they use the redhat-announce
>>>> list, neither centos send a messages when there is
>>> an
>>>> update to centos-announce :-(
>>>> right now I am facing the problem with a lacking
>>> of
>>>> *-kernel packages in csgfs for the newest
>>> centos4's
>>>> kernel; I can, and will, compile the srpms from
>>>> uptreams for the new  -55.0.6 kernel but I am just
>>>> wonderling how others solve this problem...
>>> I suppose you will get an authentic answer from
>>> Johnny Hughes, but to
>>> give you a quick update on this ... this is what he
>>> said on the centos
>>> IRC this morning.
>>>  <hughesjr>  hi ... I am doing the new centosplus
>>> kernel now .. and as
>>> soon as that is done, I will be working on csgfs
>>> kernel modules for
>>> the normal kernel as well as the DRBD and XFS kernel
>>> modues for the
>>> plus and normal kernel
>> so, it looks like he just passthrough the "updates
>> jobs that have to be done" queue ? ;-)
>> I hope he will anwser my email :-) but...
>> first I don't want to irespect jonny and the rest of
>> centos team, they are doing a great amazing job, a lot
>> of peoples including me , are beneficiating from their
>> work.
>> but, is there any chance that others "channels" that
>> uptreams release in its public ftp (mirrors) system
>> get processed like the os/update channel ?
>> I barely remember that someone from centos team said
>> sometime in the past that the update release in centos
>> is almost automatic: uptream release a package and
>> some scripts in centos dev pick them and compile them
>> and then release them as centos updates, am I correct?
>> if that is the case, could csgfs (or RHCS and RHGFS)
>> could be included in such enviroment?
>> if the procedure is just manual.... then I will
>> accept, without questions, centos team priorities :-)
>> ;-)
> The answer is that there are plenty of manual steps required whether we
> are talking about normal updates or csgfs items.
> The csgfs updates are particularly tricky because of the build
> requirements (several packages are i386 others i686 ... package "A" from
> the update needs to be built and installed to build package "B", etc.
> So the CSFGS updates are more manual than the normal updates.
> However, there is also a checking against upstream binary phase for all
> updates that is also manual (normal and csgfs).
> After that phase, and after installing and testing locally, then there
> is a release.
> Besides that, there are only 24 hours in a day :D
> I am currently working on CSGFS for centos-4, you can expect it to be
> updated within the next 24 hours if everything builds and tests OK.

OK ... the CentOS-4 csgfs area should be updated to the latest RPMS now

Johnny Hughes

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