[CentOS-devel] Project proposal: CentAS

Daniel de Kok me at danieldk.org
Sat Apr 5 19:36:22 UTC 2008

On Sat, Apr 5, 2008 at 6:03 PM, Steven Stallion <stallions at ociweb.com> wrote:
>  With regard to distributing a JVM, it is out of scope (see above).

Not fully, since we can not distribute JVMs with e.g. Sun's
indemnification clause. If this is to be a CentOS project, I think it
should be runnable with CentOS plus a JDK that we can distribute. As
far as I am aware, the only Sun-heritage JDK that we can distribute
are the GPL'ed OpenJDK bits. Does JBoss work well with this JDK?

> > you still need a centos developer to join your team of developers :D
> Not that I am opposed to this at all, but for donated work is this
> necessary? All information/code/etc. would be hosted on the CentOS project
> servers.

We require this for all CentOS-hosted projects and SIGs. CentOS is a
long-term project, and having a development team member on a
subproject will guarantee some continuity. Apart from that, some
decisions (e.g. some policy decisions) may need to be delegated to the
development team.

May I ask a more explicit question: what advantages will a whitelabel
JBoss stack give to CentOS over RHWAS, taking the additional
maintenance "costs" into account? Additionally, how will continuity be
guaranteed for existing users if Object Computing loses interest in
maintaining this?

Not to burn down your project proposal ;), but I think these are
important questions to answer beforehand.

-- Daniel

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