[CentOS-devel] rhwas 5 work?

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Thu Apr 10 12:58:59 UTC 2008

Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Jean-Marc LIGER wrote:
>> There is something that I don't have clearly understood, why couldn't you 
>> use icedtea java instead ?
> Because icedtea is Java 1.7, which isn't really there yet. This one is
> Java 1.6.

And even Java 1.6 is a strech, as the webstack is currently built using 
java-1.4.2 ... which we can not use to build since we can not distribute it.

Java 1.6 is the one we will need to use to get as close as possible to 
the correct version AND be able to release the RPMS themselves and the 
JRE required to run them.

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