[CentOS-devel] WebStack on CentOS-5

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Sun Apr 13 15:28:12 UTC 2008

Lance Davis wrote:
>> Background: the webstack on C4 is only available in the CentOSPlus 
>> repo since it overwrites packages from the base repo.
> I am having difficulty seeing the benefit of having it as a subdirectory 
> rather than as a separate repo that may contain the same packages 
> hardlinked ??

you dont need to hardlink packages, the metadata generation scripts will 
go into subdir's as well.

> I dont think mirrors restrict the repos that they mirror ??

mirror.centos.org will carry all of the stuff, if external mirrors elect 
to only mirror parts of the tree's thats their issue surely.

> I appreciate that it would need to be added to yum conf, but that would 
> be the case anyway with a subdirectory.

It wont need to be added to yum configs for people who are using the 
stock CentOS yum configs, or for people moving from CentOS-4 or used to 
the way this package set was made available on CentOS-4

> As rhwas is a separate product I propose that we have a separate repo 
> for it.

We dont build the entire rhwas. However, if we now have this package set 
in an optional subrepo, we still retain the ability to get the whole of 
rhwas into a repo and have that setup / handled in whatever way we might 
want later.

To me, the biggest gain with a subrepo is that it does not change the 
behaviour of the CentOSPlus repo for users who have been using CentOS 
for a while, yet it retains the option for us to branch this stuff into 
something else later. If there is a need to.

The free wins we get here are that people who only want the 
php-5/mysql-5/pgsql8 etc stuff from the rhwas can elect to only have 
those and not need the entire centosplus repo enabled on their systems.

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