[CentOS-devel] CentOS Forums again

Marcus Moeller

mm at gcug.de
Wed Aug 13 07:47:42 UTC 2008

Dear Akemi.

> With a growing number of CentOS forum users we need a better piece of
> software.  Let's push forward this movement, shall we?


> And this relates to the establishment of the planned internationalized
> centos.org sites for ja, es, de, ru, etc etc.  The idea is to use the
> same software for all these sites to make management easier.  So far,
> fr.centos.org is the only one that is already in place (using punBB).

I would welcome a wiki based site (as most work is already done in the
wiki) with i18n support, instead. A lot of guys and girls are
currently working on translating content and the already existing
structure ($HOST/$LANG/$SITE) and a simple language switcher could be
added easily.

In my POV there are only a few aspects that cannot be handled with a
wiki system:

- (maybe) planet.centos.org
- dynamic mirror list
- the forums

An option could be to add language specific forums or at least forum
sections for commonly used languages. Localiced forums could also be
handled by user groups in foreign countries (like we already do on

It is important to keep the content synched for all languages which
would be nearly impossible on splitted sites, you suggested. I was
also a bit shocked that the fr.centos.org sited completly breaks with
the rest of the CentOS.org style.

Best Regards

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