[CentOS-devel] build-from-scratch: pre-processor/parser for .spec files?

Jeff Johnson

n3npq at mac.com
Sat Aug 16 01:23:16 UTC 2008

On Aug 15, 2008, at 7:57 PM, Brian Schüler wrote:

> Hi,
> does anybody know a tool/script which pre-processes/parse and dumps  
> a .spec
> file with preloaded RPM macros?

What is "preloaded macros"?

If you want expanded macros, then
     rpm -E "`cat foo.spec`"
will do all the expansions.

If you want all macros use duriong a build (with rpm-5.x), then
    rpmbuild ... --macrosused foo.spec
will list all macros used during a build. These are also added to a  
	rpm -qp --qf '[%{buildmacros}\n]' foo*.src.rpm

> I'm working on a script which will build a set of source RPMs (or  
> even a whole
> distribution) on a mock build server. The aim of it is to get well  
> defined source
> RPMs with exact requirements (BuildReqs and Requres by running  
> installation
> tests in mock in conjunction with ldd on multilib systems). The  
> goal of this is
> to get all Packages mock-buildable and "certified".
> I will have to shorten the build duration by calculating the  
> package order with
> correlation algorythms on the package names.
> But there are cases where correlation does not work - especially  
> when SRPMs
> creates packages named different (e.g. mplayer(src) creates mencoder 
> (bin))
> and when scanning for "%files" or "%files -n" in the .spec returns  
> unresolved
> macros. (Example: %files -n vdr-%{pname}-server)
> When my build-from-scratch script is finished I will release it to  
> the CentOS
> project, because it will be very important for automation and  
> shorten the
> release time when (re)building the Distro.
> Current features:
> - Building binary packages from SRPMS (in a repository) on a mock  
> server via ssh
> - Creating root-logs, build-logs and missingdeps-logs
> - Bypassing bad packages (missdeps, build-failures) on next turns
> - Semi-"brute-force"-build: re-running as so long as no more  
> packages are built.
> Planned features:
> - Certification tests (post-install tests, respin/updates  
> integration tests)
> - Handling cross-build issues in RPM
> - Exact build order and circular dependencies detection.
> I think the solution for my problem can be found in the internals  
> of the
> rpmbuild utility - if someone has a hint or solution of a .spec  
> parser, he/she is
> welcome (Google did not satisfy me right now).

There aren't any parsers for spec files other than rpmbuild afaik.

But (again rpm-5.0), there is
     rpm -q --yaml --specsrpm foo.spec
which is at least more predictable YAML output than grammar-less spec  

Note that the --specsrpm --yaml also spews the build dependencies  
that you need
for what you are calling "correlation".

73 de Jeff

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