[CentOS-devel] Do hope to meet admin of centos.org, do hope someone could help me

Lee Nathanael

nathanael2008 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 24 04:53:37 UTC 2008

   I want to make contribute to centos.org.cn for centos website in China


 Hi,all developers. I am sorry that I take this topic here because it is so
difficult for me to find the right person who will help me for contribution
in China. First of all,I want make some self-introduction.

I am a professional Community and Website COO in China. My name is as
registered Nathanael.At present,I have obtained more than 10 years of
Administration and Operation for website and community.In 2008, I have been
rewarded by Microsoft for Community Influencer Certificate.

Now I am a system and network engineer in Chongqing province ,China. Because
I was graduated from English major, I tried my best to help others to learn
more.I have found that there are so many centos users in China and most of
them need somewhere to find what they want. That's why I make my
determination to contact your website and do hope to make contribute for
http://www.centos.org.cn, setting up one useful Chinese site for Centos
information and community.

It is so difficult to express all details for my opinion and plan for
centos.org.cn in China.*I do really hope there will be some staff of your
site can contact me*.The following information are my contact way.Do really
hope to contact you by MSN or other ways.

My AIM: haowei2008     My ICQ: 439013358

My MSN: nathanael(AT)msn(DOT)cn

My E-mail:benedict2004(AT)126(DOT)com

Best Regards for all of you,
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