[CentOS-devel] Question about CentOS 4.0beta PowerPC boot CD

"Brian Schüler"

Brian.Schueler at gmx.de
Wed Aug 27 23:57:13 UTC 2008

Hi all!

Does anyone remember the CentOS 4.0 beta boot CD for PowerPC?
This is the only one type of boot CD that go to boot a Kernel on qemu (-system-ppc)
with the Open(Hack'ware)Bios. (The Kernel itself hangs up then)
Neither the Yellow Dog 6 DVD, nor Fedora 6 - 9 PPC edition, nor Ubuntu / Debian
boots on Qemu ppc. So I wanted to adapt the running yaboot loader and configuration
to boot the YDL 6 Kernel and initrd to install the stuff to make a mock build server for
the el5 ppc Target. But when I (re-)create the .iso with mkisofs, Qemu does not
recognize the CD-Image as a boot CD.

My Question: Does you (the creator of the 8.5 MB boot.iso) know, how you created the
.iso Image? Which options did you have used?  I did not have found any documentation
how to create those CDs of that type (with a special Macintosh boot partition) that you
have produced. Would you like to help me saying how to create qemu-system-ppc
compatible boot discs ... ?

Thanks in advice,

Brian Schueler
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