[CentOS-devel] still trying to build upstream srpms

Joe Pruett

joey at clean.q7.com
Fri Aug 29 03:12:54 UTC 2008

i have been looking around and i can't see a way to figure out what 
--define options might be used for rpmbuild by rh.  i want to build the 
rhwas 5 non-java srpms but there is lots of ifdef magic in the spec that 
could be important to building.

so in general, how do we know how the upstream builds things?  are there 
logs somewhere on ftp.redhat.com to look at?  or do we have moles that 
tell us?

i'm not even thinking about mock type stuff right now, just trying to 
figure out the actual rpmbuild command line to use.

any clues out there?  i've heard that 4.7 is brewing right now, so i 
understand that the people in the know may be off waving wands over the 
build gnomes and not paying much attention here...

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