[CentOS-devel] slow Perl on CentOS 5

Hugo van der Kooij

hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Sat Aug 30 06:08:10 UTC 2008

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Dag Wieers wrote:
> On Wed, 27 Aug 2008, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>> should explore the problem further with TUV and the CentOS
>>> community. If a fix is not forthcoming from TUV, I reluctantly suggest
>>> that we get together with the CentOS people and fork this portion of
>>>  the distro, perhaps standardizing on Perl 5.10 . There are people
>>> in the Perl community ready to assist us.
>> While forking the whole perl subsection of the distro is a bit
>> drastic, I am quite happy to have a perl in C5Plus. Does someone want
>> to get in touch with Keith and get a summary on what needs fixing in
>> this case ? Also - if the conversation was to take place on
>> centos-devel list, would be much cooler.
>> Upstream have said the fix will be in 5U3, and considering that might
>> be still a few months away, could we get something sorted before then
>> ?
> To be honest, if this problem was part of RHEL5 since its inception and
> only a few people until now have actually been bugged by it. I don't see
> a good reason to release something now only because someone was able to
> make a big poo out of it and got to slashdot.
> We do not want to give attention-seekers more airtime, before we know it
> everyone who finds a bug starts shouting.
> (Don't read me wrong, of course it should be fixed, I am just concerned
> about the motives and the generality of this bug wrt. other bugs.)

I understand from the MailScanner mailinglist that if you get hit by he
bug SpamAssassin is going to be hit in a dramatic way. I understood that
a normal 4 seconds of parsing becomes at least 40 minutes.

This means that if you get hit by it it will be extremely painful on a
MailScanner system.


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