[CentOS-devel] slow Perl on CentOS 5

Karanbir Singh

mail-lists at karan.org
Sun Aug 31 12:53:55 UTC 2008

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Seth Vidal wrote:
>>> (Don't read me wrong, of course it should be fixed, I am just 
>>> concerned about the motives and the generality of this bug wrt. other 
>>> bugs.)
>> +1
>>  Build a package using the patches from the f8 package. Test it for the
>> change in speed. Put it up somewhere people can get to it easily and
>> post a note in the centos bug report on it and on the rh bugzilla report
>> where the centos build is that fixes the problem.
> That is exactly how I feel as well. and is what I am hoping to achieve.

There is now a perl package in the c5-testing repo that fix's these 
issues. Unless I hear reports of breakage in the next 24 hrs, will push 
that out via the fasttrack repo and make some announcements.

Also, if you do test it - and it does work fine : let us know about that 


- KB
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