[CentOS-devel] kmod packaging guideline

Sun Dec 21 00:53:39 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

Akemi Yagi wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 20, 2008 at 4:08 PM, Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk> wrote:
>> I'll admit I'm not an expert kmod packager, but placing the Requires in
>> the kmodtool script was the only solution I found (actually either
>> Johnny or Karanbir suggested it on IRC IIRC). In my case kmodtool-foo
>> was simply a copy of /usr/lib/rpm/redhat/kmodtool with the necessary
>> Requires added. If there's a simpler or more elegant solution then
>> please do enlighten me :)
> It was Johnny Hughes.  (excerpt)

Thank you Akemi (who has logs of everything!) :)