[CentOS-devel] Rebuild xorg

Sun Dec 21 20:00:48 UTC 2008
William L. Maltby <CentOS4Bill at triad.rr.com>

On Sun, 2008-12-21 at 19:02 +0100, Alain PORTAL wrote:
> Le dimanche 21 décembre 2008, William L. Maltby a écrit :
> > > I tried this, but as it is running in a 320x200 vga mode, I can't see a
> > > lot of things. I think I see less than a quarter of the dialog window.
> >
> > Time for extreme measures.
> Perhaps I didn't speak english well and I don't know if I was understood for 
> that. I wanted to say I saw 1/4 of the size of the s-c-d window;
> Or you did a joke I didn't understood

No joke meant. I understood you - you're doing fine with the English.

> > At boot prompt, add to the end of the kernel 
> > line, via the grub edit facility "vga=ask", IIRC.
> >
> > I can't find the kernel parameters docs on my system ATM, so this is a
> > guess from memory. Maybe I need kernel development to get those notes?
> >
> > Anyway, that should give you a list of pre-defined modes, numeric.
> > Google before you do this and get a list of possible ones. I would pick
> > the 1024x768 as a first try. IIRC another is 800x640. There's a
> > 1240x1076(?) I think too.
> I did what you said, but it seems I didn't get the expected results:
> Video adapter: VESA VGA
> Mode:    COLSxROWS:
> 0  0F00  80x25
> 1  0F01  80x50
> 2  0F02  80x43
> 3  0F03  80x28
> 4  0F05  80x30
> 5  0F06  80x34
> 6  0F07  80x60

Those are good. But now that I see them I remember that they are for
virtual consoles. I don't recall that they would affect the
system-config-display actions.

Regardless, you can pick one at boot time if "vga=ask" (without the
quotes) and you'll see different character sizes. If you code "vga=xxx",
where the "xxx" is one of those codes, they must be converted to decimal
first. One of those links I posted later has a link to how to do that.

But, as I mentioned, I now don't think this will affect the X setup.

> So, no graphic mode as I could find by googling
> http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Framebuffer-HOWTO-5.html

This link only has effect if you're using framebuffer. That's (IIRC)
optional - I have it on my 4.x system, but I set it up a long time ago
and would have to research to recall the details. It gave a nice speed

Anyway, it's not mandatory. If you want to use it, more setup steps are
needed. I would skip it now and continue what you're doing - get a basic
acceptable setup running.

> If I use, as an example, vga=0x307, when I startx, I can see saying 4 desktops 

As I mention above, I think the hexadecimal needs to be converted to
decimal. It's been a _long_ time, but I _think_ 0x307 = 775 decimal. But
I don't remember if that value is big-endian or little-endian. Big, I

> on the width of the screen and height of these desktop are only 1/10 height 
> on the screen, at the top of it
> So, 9/10 of the screen is black.
> Regards,
> Alain

I saw that another posted some parameters to try with
system-config-display. I'm going to peek at that and see what else I
might offer.

I might save my configs and play with system-config-display a bit and
see if any clues pop up.