[CentOS-devel] Rebuild xorg

Mon Dec 22 18:14:04 UTC 2008
Alain PORTAL <alain.portal at free.fr>

Le dimanche 21 décembre 2008, Matej Cepl a écrit :

> Strictly speaking that's not correct. You have two more options:
> a) To stick with CentOS and when on CentOS do as CentOS people do
> -- that is use vesa driver (system-config-display and set vesa
> driver).

As you probably see in the discussion, only vga 320x200 mode work.

> Of course, you won't have 3D, compiz and similar shiny 
> stuff, but it should work pretty reliably for applications which
> don't need this (which is most of them).

I don't need all theses stuffs.

> Actually, what happens when you move /etc/X11/xorg.conf away and
> restart X? At least since Fedora 6 (i.e., pre-RHEL5 days) it is
> considered a bug when Xorg without xorg.conf won't start in
> a working state.

X try to start but failed.

> b) Of course, least painful solution is probably to try Fedora 10
> -- I fully understand that you want to have CentOS for stability,
> but well, this is a desktop, and you should be able to get
> support until (hopefully) RHEL6 will be out.

After some bug reports and fixes, I succeed to use Fedora 9

Do you know when RHEL6 release is planned?

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