[CentOS-devel] Defining what CentOS is

Tue Dec 23 00:14:46 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <kbsingh at centos.org>

( managed to screw up my last reply )

Ned Slider wrote:
> I agree with Dag that solution providers shouldn't be able to sell it as 
> CentOS if it clearly isn't because they've modified, disabled or removed 
> key parts of the system. 

who defines what is key and what isnt ? We can come up with a list of 
what 'we' consider to be 'vital' for the system to still be refred to as 
a CentOS based install - and we should do that ( isnt that what the wiki 
page in question is trying to do ? )

> The community can't be expected to support it 
> when we (the community) don't know what a solution provider has changed 
> or why they have changed it.

well. thats a good question. But my question to you would be - what 
makes one user a part of the community and another not ?

Flip side is, we only need to make a best effort - after all, the 
$provider of $BrokenSystems should be the upstream support group for 
these people, no ? If they wander down to the centos mechanisms they are 
welcome to.

> So we're back to the question of what can and can't be changed in a 
> system for it still to be CentOS.

For it to be exactly CentOS ? nothing can be changed. Nothing added, 
nothing removed.

For it to be a reasonable CentOS'ish install ? I am sure we can come up 
with a list.

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