[CentOS-devel] Defining what CentOS is

Tue Dec 23 00:29:45 UTC 2008
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Dag Wieers wrote:
>> You get 2 parties hating each other and the guilty party earns the cash 
>> and maybe doesn't care :)
> ok, so a two pronged approach - one targetting the providers, and focus 
> on best practises and another set of wiki pages, working on a 'recovery 
> path' that users of these setups might be able to walk through to bring 
> their machine upto a stable status.
> It can, ofcourse only be a best effort from the CentOS side of things - 
> eg, you cant 'fix' a OpenVZ install, its not going to work if you fix it 
> all the way. Neither is a Plesk or cPanel install. If you 'fix that' the 
> product itself stops working. What we could do is make the situation 
> clear to both sides, and give them both material to work with.
> my 2c worth.

Agreed :)