[CentOS-devel] Extras Packages Proposal

Tue Dec 23 10:41:13 UTC 2008
Jean-Marc LIGER <jean-marc.liger at siris.sorbonne.fr>

Dag Wieers a écrit :
> On Mon, 22 Dec 2008, Jean-Marc LIGER wrote:
>> Johnny Hughes a écrit :
>>>> Jean-Marc LIGER a écrit :
>>>>> Dear Sirs,
>>>>> I'm interested in push some of the packages I've build for the
>>>>> Entr'ouvert Society into CentOS Extras Packages Repository
>> <snip>
>>> As to the rest of your packages, they look very nice ... but there is
>>> an organization called rpmRepo (CentOS, Scientific Linux, and
>>> SMEServer are working together with RPMForge and ATRPMS in this
>>> project) where these packages might do more good.
>>> Many (if not all) of the CentOS Extras packages will probably be
>>> moving to RPMRepo, and there are discussions scheduled at FOSDEM among
>>> some of the key players in this regard to get this project moving.
>>> http://rpmrepo.org/
>>> If we don't get rpmRepo moving forward soon, then we can readdress
>>> your packages and moving them into CentOS Extras.  Thank you very much
>>> for contacting us :)
>>> -- Johnny Hughes
>> RPMRepo is still in progress, so I readdress my packages to be moved in
>> CentOS Extras. if necessary, I am volunteer to maintains them.
>> Lasso Library :
>> http://lasso.entrouvert.org/
>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SPECS/lasso.spec
>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SRPMS/lasso-2.2.1-2.el5.siris.src.rpm 
>> Apache Mod_mellon Module based on Lasso :
>> http://code.google.com/p/modmellon/
>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SPECS/mod_auth_mellon.spec
>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SRPMS/mod_auth_mellon-0.0.7-1.el5.siris.src.rpm 
>> Python ans Apache SCGI Modules :
>> http://python.ca/scgi/
>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SPECS/python-scgi.spec
>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SRPMS/python-scgi-1.13-1.el5.siris.src.rpm 
>> Authentic Portal based on Lasso and SCGI :
>> http://authentic.labs.libre-entreprise.org/
>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SPECS/authentic.spec
>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SRPMS/authentic-0.7.1-4.el5.siris.src.rpm 
> They can be added to RPMforge if you like, so they will be part of 
> rpmrepo (which may replace CentOS Extras in the future) The list for 
> this is packagers at lists.rpmforge.net and we can give you subversion 
> access for continued maintenance.

Added them to CentOS should has been more simple for me. I dislike to 
deal with to many repositories/keys in our systems. But it's also the 
first accurate proposal that I've got, so I'll retain it.
In this case, I'll have also networks focused packages to push. Are 
there some technical reasons to didn't have choosed the ready to use 
RPMForge, which is already a fusion of some repos, instead of the 
upcoming RPMRepo ?