[CentOS-devel] /dev/pts/??

Tue Dec 30 01:48:56 UTC 2008
Michel Donais <donais at telupton.com>

Subject: Re: [CentOS-devel] /dev/pts/??
> Do you mean this:
> [root at lisse root]# tty
> /dev/pts/5

Yes, when I open a terminal or login in text mode
via Telnet or SSh, the terminals ID is /dev/pts/1
In Sco Openserver it was /dev/tty01

My goal is to use tty's devices when I execute in a terminal
and old SCO text application under Centos using linux_abi
who stcck to identify a tty and getting is definition
thru /etc/inittab and /etc/ttytype

> tty is used for console terminals
> pts is used for 'virtual/pseudo' terminals (like created by ssh or screen)
> There are other character terminal devices that are used for specific
> purposes, like ttyS for serial ports.
I understand these above lines, but want to operate with tty's for this 

Michel Donais