[CentOS-devel] /dev/pts/??

Tue Dec 30 04:06:56 UTC 2008
Michel Donais <donais at telupton.com>

> A pts device is also a tty. I have troubles understanding what you want to
> achieve (and to be frank, none of your mails are explaining), but if the
> problem is that your application is SCO-centric and cannot work with pts
> devices, then you'll have to find the source code or ask your vendor.

You've got it; the application is SCO-centric
The application need to find a /dev/tty01 or more but can't work with 

The developper is no more active and I don't have the sources.
One of my last resource is to find a way to start a terminal and have Centos
allowing me to start the application on a terminal as tty instead of a
The other way is to re-install an SCO Server wich is not a small task for
the time we have to recover some archived data.

> (Or simply log on to the console instead of using SSH ?)
This haven't been tried, and I will to morrow; but our best will be to use
it a text terminal.

> Not sure what your application is doing to, try stracing it to find out.
There is no possibility to trace at start-up.

Michel Donais