[CentOS-devel] Centos 5.1 on S390 and s390x

Fri Feb 1 14:01:28 UTC 2008
Philip Pinto <pinto at dpcomputersolutions.com>


I was wondering if there has been any interest in continuing the port of 
Centos to the s390 and s390x forward to version 5.1 of the Centos 
project.  I would be willing to contribute to the project financially or 
by managing a special interest group for this purpose.  But if there has 
really been no interest beyond my own on this probably can't happen by 
myself.  Currently I use Centos 4.6 on s390x for a sandbox environment 
for my consulting business and it a proven to be an invaluable tool for 
this purpose. I do have a hardware environment and bandwidth that would 
allow development to proceed.

Phil Pinto
pinto at dpcomputersolutions.com
DP Computer Solutions
PO Box 1385
Albany, NY 12010