[CentOS-devel] Anaconda improvement for network installs

Tue Feb 5 14:25:26 UTC 2008
David Hrbáč <hrbac.conf at seznam.cz>

Johnny Hughes napsal(a):
> I am sure that Daniel de Kok or Karanbir could write something in python 
> that would go get the info from mirrorlist.centos.org and make it 
> selectable ... and we could add it to anaconda for http installs (maybe 
> a dropdown box that pulls server names from mirrorlist.centos.org and 
> populates a box ... if you pick one, it fills in the data). It would 
> probably not work through proxy servers (since anaconda does not now 
> anyway). I am not sure how difficult that would be or if we want to add 
> that kind of code to anaconda based on reason 2 above.

I've been looking on anaconda yesterday to think about implementation 
and it seems to me now, that it's much harder than to write some code in 
python. As for me I guess the mirror list is useful in network text mode 
install mainly... and here we go with C not python. So, although I find 
it a nice feature, I think we should stick with upstream and rather 
teach end-users to use kickstart properly.