[CentOS-devel] missing two updates in csgfs repo...

Sat Feb 16 14:04:13 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

Roger Peña wrote:
> Hi
> I am just wonderling if there is some problem getting
> out the packages:
> cman-1.0.17-0.el4_6.3.src.rpm

This one is compiled and released, however the "dist" tag was not 
correct.  It is:


And was released on 9 feb 2008.

> fence-1.32.50-2.el4_6.1.src.rpm

That one was not released before, but it is released now.  The problem 
was that it could not compile as it had a hidden build requirement for 
sechash.h and kept failing.  I found that file in seamonkey-nss-devel 
... however fence does not build as released by upstream.

It still needs a -I<path_to_seamonkey_nss_stuff> added to the Makefiles 
and pkgconfig and seamonkey-nss-devel as buildrequires.

Not sure how upstream compiled this, they did not do so based purely on 
the spec file and must have somehow modified their buildroot.

I did properly modify the spec file to get it to build ... so that one 
is labeled properly as ".el4.centos" and not ".el4_6" as well.

> they where released in 1/feb/08 and 20/dic/07
> respectibly
> according to this page:
> http://rhn.redhat.com/errata/rhel4.6.z-cluster-errata.html
> what it is strange to me is that in each release day
> they where other packages released that are already in
> centos csgfs repo.
> so, is there a problem recompiling or just some how
> the packages remain hide to the ayes of centos
> developer?

Sorry about fence, but it does not compile as released, so that was the 

I was not the only one with this issue ... basically it is just a broken 


All should be good now.  Make sure to keep an eye on me wrt c4 csgfs :-D

Johnny Hughes

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