[CentOS-devel] CentOS-5 Cross-Build Environment (arm, mips, sparc, others..) / pre-alpha released

Mon Jan 14 01:21:06 UTC 2008
Brian Schueler <brian.schueler at gmx.de>

Hi, folks.

I've begun to work on a cross-build environment hopely to make 
CentOS 5 run on other architectures than supported by CentOS yet
and that supported by the PNAELV.
This project comes with a patch for the glibc 2.5 with added
support for architectures like arm, mips, ppc, alpha, etc. to
generate a cross-compile toolchain (cross-compilers, assemblers,
linker/loader). It runs quite well with the Timesys 'tsrpm'
tool (which is compatible with that project).
Many RPMs does cross-build very well, but others fails on
sanity checks, incompatible configure scripts, etc.
(Kernel compilation is not included at this time.)

Note that software created through that toolchain is not binary
compatible to anything released by CentOS or the PNAELV.

I want to switch to 'mock' and - I need a lot of help with
its internals. The best enhancement were that 'mock' could
recursively rebuild software entirely from source (using a
yum repository that _only_ provides SRPMS). - only needing
compiling natively (host-arch = target-arch). And there are
many things to discuss at one event (glibc, cross-compiling,
Kernels, automated RPM cross-(re)build machinery, repository
management, yum-bootstapping, etc.)

This is my first version - so please consider my project as
unstable/pre-alpha. My wish is to make this project work as
desired to bring CentOS to many more architectures and hopely
to make it part of the CentOS project. This is leaned to
Cross Linux From Scratch and is licensed under the terms of
the GNU GPL v2.

The tree is located at:


reviews, improvements, suggestions, bug reports are very

- BriSch