[CentOS-devel] Using Centos as embedded linux.

Thu Jan 10 12:27:30 UTC 2008
Daniel de Kok <me at danieldk.org>

On 1/10/08, Vishak V. Kurup <vishak.kurup at nestgroup.net> wrote:
> I am newbie to Centos. I would like to know if it is possible to use centos on embedded devices.
> Has any one done any thing similar? Please do reply with any comments …

That completely depends on the application. Currently a minimal system
is fairly large (~400-~500MB IIRC). This may be OK for some embedded
devices, and one or two orders of magnitude too large for other
embedded devices.

If you need something much smaller (or a non-supported platform like
ARM), I'd suggest looking at Busybox or a BSD operating system.

-- Daniel