[CentOS-devel] Using Centos as embedded linux.

Fri Jan 11 04:31:23 UTC 2008
Vishak V. Kurup <vishak.kurup at nestgroup.net>

Thank you...Daneil and John...
My device configuration is as follows.
CPU  	: intel Celeron M 1.60 Ghz
IDE(Primary Master) : Compact Flash (1 GB)
IDE(Primary Master) : Compact Flash (256 GB)

My confusion is that if it is  possible to customize the CentOS for my application.

Vishak V Kurup

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Daniel de Kok wrote:
> On 1/10/08, Vishak V. Kurup <vishak.kurup at nestgroup.net> wrote:
>> I am newbie to Centos. I would like to know if it is possible to use centos on embedded devices.
>> Has any one done any thing similar? Please do reply with any comments �
> That completely depends on the application. Currently a minimal system
> is fairly large (~400-~500MB IIRC). This may be OK for some embedded
> devices, and one or two orders of magnitude too large for other
> embedded devices.

I didn't think it was that small, unless you're talking about the amount 
of RAM needed to run recent anacondas:-)

> If you need something much smaller (or a non-supported platform like
> ARM), I'd suggest looking at Busybox or a BSD operating system.

Debian is very popular on ARM; I think I read it has more Linux system 
on ARM than on IA32!.

The linksys wireless router, wrt54g runs Linux and there are alternative 
  firmwares for it. Look for openwrt for info on that.



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