[CentOS-devel] Preview Xen 3.2 rc* packages

Fri Jan 11 11:31:54 UTC 2008
Ian Jackson <Ian.Jackson at eu.citrix.com>

Ross S. W. Walker writes ("RE: [CentOS-devel] Preview Xen 3.2 rc* packages"):
> Ok, I gave it a whirl, the minor paths issue I mentioned earlier seems
> to be fixed here, but the 'localtime' patch needs to be backported
> (or forwardported in this case) as HVM clocks still only report time
> in UTC.

Which localtime patch is that ?  I don't see anything relevant in the
patchset for the package I was using as a basis.  If you could provide
a reference I'd be happy to take a look.  (Was it submitted upstream?)