[CentOS-devel] Using Centos as embedded linux.

Mon Jan 14 04:09:36 UTC 2008
Vishak V. Kurup <vishak.kurup at nestgroup.net>

Thank you all for the enormous suggestions and information's ... I think I can go forward with the customization. Many suggested using Debian instead of CentOS... Why I prefer CentOS is that CentOS is more stable than Debian or any other editions... and there will be less dependency problems (I think so)

Vishak V Kurup

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Ing. Ernesto Pérez Estévez wrote:

> I have been thinking to slim centos by recompiling every RPM without the 
> docs and several other tricks to make it less fatter.. of course it wont 
> be the real centos but some sort of reduced copy.

rpm supports omitting docs. You might need to fiddle anaconda or yum to 
choose the right way.
> BTW, I found that debian was easier to install in such a hardware 

That's my thinking.



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