[CentOS-devel] CentOS 4.6, buildinstall and bogl font problem

Mon Jan 14 14:36:08 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

James Pearson wrote:
> I'm trying to rebuild a custom 4.6 installer using 
> /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/buildinstall (from 
> anaconda-runtime-, but it gives the following 
> warnings/errors:
> Creating bogl font..
> zcat: /tmp/treedir.4539/instimage/usr/lib/bogl/font.bdf.gz: No such file 
> or directory
> cat: 
> /tmp/treedir.4539/instimage/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/unicode-linedraw-chars.txt/disk1/distro/CentOS/4/i386/os/buildinstall.tree.4526/upd-instroot: 
> line 939: /tmp/treedir.4539/instimage/usr/bin/reduce-font: No such file 
> or directory: No such file or directory
> find: msgunfmt terminated by signal 13
> find: msgunfmt terminated by signal 13
> ...(repeats until)...
> find: msgunfmt terminated by signal 13
> /disk1/distro/CentOS/4/i386/os/buildinstall.tree.4526/upd-instroot: line 
> 940: /tmp/treedir.4539/instimage/usr/bin/bdftobogl: No such file 
> ordirectory
> gzip: 
> /tmp/treedir.4539/instimage/usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/loader/font.bgf.gz 
> already exists; do you wish to overwrite (y or n)?
> ... and buildinstall waits until you type y or n. If you type "n", then 
> you end up with an empty font.bgf.gz file ...
> It appears the /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/upd-instroot script wants to 
> create it's own font.bgf.gz, but it can't find the bits to do this.
> Also, /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/loader/font.bgf.gz already exists as 
> part of anaconda-runtime, so I'm not sure why it is trying to re-create 
> this font file.
> I can hack /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/upd-instroot to skip this, but I 
> guess I must be doing something wrong as this shouldn't happen ...


It happens to us as well ... it is something that needs to be fixed, but 
does not really affect anything except building the distro.

I will look at it later, but you are not doing anything wrong.

Johnny Hughes

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