[CentOS-devel] yum and fastestmirror

Tue Jun 17 23:05:21 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Wojciech Pilorz wrote:
> If I run yum-fastestmirror in such environment, /var/cache/yum/timedhosts.txt
> contains 99999999999 in each entry (as direct connect to remote site
> always fails).
> So yum still does work, just the timing information is useless.

This is interesting, so fastest mirror is unable to connect to a remote 
host where yum itself is able to connect to the same machine with no 
change in proxy knowledge ?

Is that what you are saying here. If so, I'd really like to look into this.

> It seems CentOS mirrorlist returned to yum contains not more than 10-15
> entries, so this should not be a problem (if the number of mirrors
> yum gets is always that low on CentOS).

The centos mirrorlist side will try and give you a small set of mirrors, 
  all of which should work for your given IP.

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