[CentOS-devel] RE: [CentOS] PHP 5.2 for CentOS 5.x

Tue Jun 24 22:31:23 UTC 2008
Ghosty <centos.ml.gg at gmail.com>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Bleier Thomas wrote:
>> Hi,
>> ok - now I'm on the centos-devel list... :-)
>> I have a small system hosting two MediaWiki's which are occasionally hit
>> by a few users - its currently running CentOS 5.0, I plan to update it
>> to 5.2 in the next days, and I could install PHP 5.2 for testing since
>> it's not a mission-critical site. Since it's a virtual machine, I could
>> also do the first steps in a "lab-like" environment on a copy.
>> Would that be helpful?
> Sounds good
> Over the next few days I'll get a testing php package setup and drop 
> in an email here.
> - KB
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This will be an unofficial build (upstream it's still 5.1.6), so I want 
to open up the suggestion box a bit further ...
Anyone here tried to build it already with suhosin? Built several php 
versions up to 5.2.x (not exactly sure which versions I could not get 
built), found some instructions and spec files online, but when I start 
patching it with suhosin it blows up in my face.(I have merely basic rpm 
building skills) Will provide some more info tomorrow when I am at work 
if anyone is interested?
For people that do not know suhosin: 
http://www.hardened-php.net/suhosin/ , for the full security you should 
have the extension AND the patch (the extension is findable for 5.1.6 in 
rpm format but not the patched version, which is already default in 
freebsd, gentoo and debian as far as I know ... )