[CentOS-devel] 2 problems running CentOS 5.1 + kernel-vm in VMwareFusion

Fri Mar 7 14:47:51 UTC 2008
Leonardo Vilela Pinheiro <leonardo.pinheiro at dobemsoftware.com>

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 11:24 AM, Ross S. W. Walker
<rwalker at medallion.com> wrote:

>  This really isn't related to CentOS, but VMware, and definitely
>  not a CentOS Developer topic.

I see, and at first sight I agree with you.

But since these problems only happens when using kernel-vm and
kmod-open-vm-tools, which were compiled by CentOS-related people (look
at the links I gave), and these RPM packages are being tested by
CentOS-related people (like me and others), I suppose this may be of
interest of somebody here. I only want to help.

> CentOS is the equivalent to RHEL and RHEL is fully supported so
> CentOS is too.

Yes, and I should note that these problems don't happen when using
vmware-tools from VMware Fusion.

Thank you, Ross, and I still believe that this problem may be of
interest of somebody in centos-devel besides me =)