[CentOS-devel] 2 problems running CentOS 5.1 + kernel-vm in VMware Fusion

Fri Mar 7 16:00:29 UTC 2008
Akemi Yagi <amyagi at gmail.com>

On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 6:09 AM, Leonardo Vilela Pinheiro
<leonardo.pinheiro at dobemsoftware.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>  Inside VMware Fusion, I've started using:
>  - CentOS 5.1 x86_64
>  - kernel-vm-2.6.18-53.1.13.el5.x86_64.rpm from
>  http://people.centos.org/~tru/kernel-vm/5/RPMS/x86_64/
>  - kmod-open-vm-tools-0-0.20080123.2.6.18_53.1.13.el5vm.x86_64.rpm from
>  http://people.centos.org/~hughesjr/open-vm-tools/5/x86_64/
>  Sometimes (most times) I get this error during boot:
>  "The VMware Tools poweron script did not run successfully in this
>  virtual machine - If you have configured a custom poweron script in
>  this virtual machine, please inspect it for errors; otherwise, please
>  submit a support request."
>  A screenshot of this error can be seen in:
>  http://www.scribd.com/doc/2228546/VMware-Fusion-error-running-CentOS-51-kernelvm
>  I don't know if this error is happening in VMware under Linux or Windows.

I have been using kernel-vm and open-vm-tools in VMware Server and
Workstation (Linux) but have not encounter such problems.  Looks like
this is unique to VMware Fusion?  From what you described, it seems to
me that the issue is only with open-vm-tools not kernel-vm.  Do you
think this is the case?

You might want to report to the CentOS bug tracker or write to the
centos-virt mailing list where the VM-related stuff is being