[CentOS-devel] rhwas 5 work?

Sat Mar 29 15:28:08 UTC 2008
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

John Summerfield wrote:
> William L. Maltby wrote:
>> On Fri, 2008-03-28 at 20:29 +0000, Karanbir Singh wrote:
>>> John Summerfield wrote:
>>>> Karanbir
>>>> I find you very difficult to deal with, and I don't want that. Can we
>>>> try to keep things calm?
>>> I am always calm :D
>>>> I have no standing with the CentOS project, and I don't wish to 
>>>> become a
>>>> developer. I know myself well enough to understand that it's not
>>>> something I do well, even though a resume of my experience might 
>>>> suggest
>>>> otherwise.
>>> Well, the whole point to CentOS is that anyone and everyone should be
>>> able to help along. Dont need a tag / title..
>> And a good part of that is contributing ideas, pointers, support to
>> others, etc. IMO. Not everyone has time or inclination to contribute in
>> ways that the project might like.
>> And that fits within the spirit of open source, no?
> Thanks Bill.
> In this particular case, Johnny more than anyone else speaks for CentOS, 
> and I probably least of all.
> CentOS has a problem with the Sun licence. On checking, it didn't seem 
> so bad. Okay, so it maybe still isn't good enough. Perhaps one of the 
> leaders ought tell Sun; in view of its decision to open-source Java, 
> maybe Sun will move a little more. I don't think IBM will argue against 
> more freedom, it's been taking shots at Sun over the matter for years.
> I'm the last person who should be negotiating on CentOS's behalf, _this_ 
> has to be done by an acknowledged leader, whether it's Johnny, Karanbir 
> or someone else. Someone with a sound knowledge of the issues, someone 
> Sun will see as someone representing the project.
> If the licence issue is resolved satisfactorily, _then_ there will be 
> some work to do, and maybe someone with needs in that area will step up.


Actually ... Sun DID do something about the license, they changed it 
completely for new versions of Java to GPL :D

The issue is, that the versions of Java that is GPL is 1.6.0 and newer 
... and that CentOS-5 uses 1.4.2 level things.

The problem we have is with distributing the 1.4.2 version ... which Sun 
really can't change more than they have (or at least they seem unwilling 
to do so).

The GPL'ed version, 1.6.0, I am trying to get working on CentOS-5 in a 
sane way right now.

If we can make that work ... AND IF it will build the required java bits 
... AND AGAIN IF we can make that work with the other gcj java bits 
already throughout CentOS, then we will be in business.

That is really the issue.

Johnny Hughes

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