[CentOS-devel] Backuppc 3.1.0

Fri May 9 08:40:56 UTC 2008
Marco <jjletho67-sotnec at yahoo.it>

Hi all,
i was looking for a backup system for small mixed
environment (linux and windows) to install on a centos
5.1 server and a tryed to use backuppc 3.1.0 from the
testing repository, mainly becouse I have already
succesfully used it in the past on a fedora server and
because it perfectly matches my requirements.

This is my expirience:

Before starting I carefully read this useful



The first installation worked fine: I configured the
repository in yum and I succesfully downloaded and
installed backuppc and all the dependecies.

I configured apache to run as backuppc user instead of
apache and the server 
started working.

The server on wich i'm running backuppc is a general
purpose server and it's not dedicated 
to the backup job, so for me is a big issue running
apache as the backuppc user.

Studying the above mentioned documentation I solved
the issue by this way:

1) I downloaded the SRPMS version of backuppc
2) I manually applied the modification suggested by
ScratchMonkey to the spec file (the diff file proposed
on the bug tracker didn't work out of the box becouse
it refers to a previus version of backuppc, but I was
easily able to manually apply the modification).
3) I recompiled the RPM and I succesfully installed
4) I configured apache to work in suexec mode (using
the sample conf file published on the bug tracker).

The server is now working fine and I havan't any
performance issue on the web intrface (but i have very
few clients).

My suggestion is to use the suexec mode which I find
very easy to implement and without collateral effect
on other web application published from the same
apache server.

I hope this will help.


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