[CentOS-devel] New QA / Testing potential

Thu May 29 09:19:49 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> I actually promised to do this a while ago. So having time now here at
>> LinuxTag I did finaly write up what I had in mind. The proposal is
>> here "http://wiki.centos.org/QaWiki/TestingRepo". It is probably only
>> accessable for people in the QA team or people having admin rights.
>> But I think for the discussion about the proposal itself this should
>> be ok. If not let me know and I move it.
> The proposal looks good, but apart from the 3 week cutoff ( which would
> lead to the death of the testing repo ), its about the same as what we
> have in place right now. And we all know that the process isnt working.

I tried to implement some of the stuff I wrote in my previous email -
implement on the wiki that is, and its too much work getting all the
stuff together. And its 'too much' enough, to make it something that
most people wont bother with, it raises the barrier too far.

Perhaps a php or python+django or Rails hosted app that can manage this
for us would be good. Anyone fancy a shot ?

I can work with Tim and get some sort of a specification up...

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