[CentOS-devel] rubygems rpm spec file

Tue Nov 18 22:33:29 UTC 2008
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

Matt Rose wrote:
>> I also have a wad of rubygems which are packaged and should be published
>> somewhere (like a complete rails 2.1 environment, mod_passenger and other
>> stuff).

a Ruby SIG would be good to get going, we ( ralph and I ) spoke about 
this a while back. I have about 4 dozen rpms that could also go into this.

> we could put them up on github or I could host a publically available 
> subver repo for ruby gem rpms, or something.  It would be nice to have a 
> central repo for exactly this kind of stuff.   I wonder how hard it 
> would be to do a gem2rpm script, like perl has with cpan2rpm.

projects.centos.org solves this very problem :D

But we would need a standard for the specs to get adopted, and working 
with atleast the Fedora standards would be a good place to start.

So, is there interest in the ruby SIG ? and who wants to take ownership 
of spec sanity checking ?

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