[CentOS-devel] s390 SIG

Fri Nov 21 20:30:46 UTC 2008
R P Herrold <herrold at centos.org>

KB mentioned in IRC that I should speak up:

Incident to comercial work, we have solved centos (RHEL) 
issues on Power5 and 390 hardware sufficient to run one of our 
products.  It is not a full distribution rebuild, nor indeed, 
not even a selfhosting bootstrap set (that is on ym wish list, 
but ...)

390 trailhead: http://www.zSeriesPenguins.ihost.com

one gets a 90 day slice access of a box 
holding RHEL 4.4 with no
                 archive access

The Chiphopper program get access to power 5, and more


z server and p server

the chiphopper folks are really helpful

mention my name, etc -- ask me if you need help or get stuck

also see: 

braindump ends  ;)

-- Russ herrold