[CentOS-devel] Testing PHP 5.2.6 and PostgreSQL 8.2.9

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Wed Oct 15 14:28:00 UTC 2008

Hi Mick,

admin wrote:
> Not sure of the protocols for feedback on tested packages, but I 
> installed the PHP 5.2.6 and PostgreSQL 8.2.9 RPMs from the testing repo 
> and both seem to work fine so far with Drupal 7.


> What is the difference between packages in the top level of testing and 
> those in testing/RPMs, apart from the obvious fact that the top level 
> ones are newer? Organisationally, are there two levels of testing?

No nothing like that, the reason there are rpms one step higher is just 
to prove the point that rpms in different dir's can also be a part of 
the same repo.

> I downloaded and installed directly with rpm rather than using yum. Do 
> you prefer that testers always use yum?

yes, yum. Its been around long enough that we are all fairly sure it 
works :D

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