[CentOS-devel] Apache modules C4,5 repos

Fri Oct 3 14:39:59 UTC 2008
Jean-Marc LIGER <jean-marc.liger at siris.sorbonne.fr>

Jean-Marc LIGER a écrit :
> David Hrbáč a écrit :
>> Jean-Marc LIGER napsal(a):
>>> All theses dependencies are already packaged in the Sorbonne Networks
>>> repo :
>>> http://redhat.sorbonne.fr/CentOS-5/siris/SRPMS
>>> I've already proposed to add theses packages in the CentOS Extras repo,
>>> but Johnny preferred to delegate them to waited upcoming RPMRepo.
>> How did you build lasso on C5? 
> Are you facing some difficulties ?
> I've got a more recent src.rpm on a C5 virtual machine,
> I'll get a look at it, just after lunch.

Sorry, my lunch was not so gargantuesque, but my former C4/C5 virtual 
machines had definitively crashed down...

So, there were several missing/changing dependencies. I've added theses 
during lasso-pre.2.2 tests build.
Some of theses dependencies are available in the EPEL repo.

We also fixed all the C4 new bindings build issues during this phase. 
Notice that you have to upgrade swig to 1.28 at least.

I've push the latest src.rpm here :

I hope it helps.

>> From changelog I can see you have built it also for C4...
> Yes, there is only an issue with package lasso-php on C4 due to php4.
>> David
> JM
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